Home Extension Ideas

In the current property market, rather than selling and moving to a larger house, most people are planning a home extension to make an extra room or increase the space in an existing room. There are many reasons for staying where you are, such as not having to arrange new schools for children, moving away from friends and neighbours and the trouble and expense of finding a new place to live.

With a growing family it will be invaluable to have extra room to entertain in. It is also difficult to replace a garden that you have put a lot of work into over the years. When you finally decide that you really want a home extension, you need to set about getting your plans in order.

You should check if you need planning permission, especially if your extension will change the appearance of the outside of the house or if it extends further than the legal limit. You should also discuss with your neighbours your intentions and ensure that the noise of building renovations does not go beyond the hours allowed. Very few neighbours object if you do not exceed any of these rules. It is not always necessary to employ an architect as it is easy to get designs which most builders can adapt and they will advise you on.

Make sure that you will be able to live with the inconvenience for the duration of the work that is going on. It may be advisable to put some of your belongings into storage to prevent damage to valuable furniture.

This is not expensive and will save money in the long run. This can be a very exciting venture and at the end of all the hard work you will have a more beautiful and functional home. You may on the other hand decide that there is an easier option for a home extension. A conservatory can be used as an extra room, for instance a sun lounge or a play room and it can be in place with minimum fuss in a very short time.

With all the extra light it would be a very cheerful addition to your home. The only thing to note with conservatories is they can collect a lot of moss over time and need regular cleaning or else they can become unsightly.

Whatever you decide, whether to go ahead with building an extension or to have a conservatory put in place you will find in most cases that your house has increased in value.

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Home Office Ideas

Another great idea for basements is definitely an artist or music studio. Basements may be easily portioned off into smaller rooms and all sorts of illumination could be set up so that you can accommodate the lighting needs of several artists. Remember that a single dimension doesn’t fit all and artists that require sun light in order to work. By developing a smaller room, particularly for musicians, you allow yourself the extra option of soundproofing or at the minimum dampening the area in order to save not just your ears but additionally the ears of your neighbors that live nearby. These rooms could be basically furnished and decorated with music notes, a music stand, a cozy spot to sit, and the equipment needed to produce music for musicians or an easel, artwork materials, wash basin, comfy seating, and maybe a futon for relaxation for artists.

In case you are in need of a place that is removed from the rest of the house where you can work from home, the basement provides an ideal workspace. Provided you have access to the lighting you’ll need, basements are great home office options. Many people will require an expert to set up the lights in a basement because many people will certainly require additional lighting in the basement in order to find the area bearable for work. Nevertheless, when the lighting situation is covered, the basement does make a great work place for most people. Try adding filing cabinets and photos, why not a water feature to make the spot more serene and favorable towards the work that needs to be done. Obviously you will need comfortable seating and adequate desk or work table space too. Design this room just like you would any office at home and it should do just fine regardless in your home designing skills.

One thing you’ll need to bear in mind with regards to home decorating and the basement is that many basements are likely to seep in high humidity or after heavy rains. A dehumidifier will assist with this issue but you may want to decorate with this thought if the water and moisture is a problem. You will need to avoid mold and mildew by any means.

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Ideas For Quality Cleaning

One of the simplest ways to help the environment and possibly improve your home environment is to clean green. You can easily change your cleaning habits to reflect an eco-friendly mindset without sacrificing sanitation. The ideas that follow are simple but helpful and are only a few of the many things you can do.

Use green cleaning products. Instead of petroleum-based cleaners, go for products that are non-toxic, biodegradable and are made from renewable resources. Green cleaners are often derived from plants and contain essential oils like palm kernel or coconut oil. You can find products that are pH-neutral as well as scented or fragrance free. You can be assured that these products are non-toxic and wont damage your home.

It’s also important to have good quality air. The chemicals from cleaning products can linger in the air and irritate your senses. In addition, every home has many microscopic pollutants that can aggravate allergies and more. Spraying cans of air freshener simply adds to the chemical problem. A good solution is to use natural air sprays or boil a pot of cinnamon or herbs to spread a healthy, fresh aroma. Baking soda is also a healthy and well-trusted option for getting rid of unpleasant odors. If you want to filter your air, you can buy a machine or consider growing a broad green leaf plant inside.

Keep toxic substances off your floors and out of your home. In homes with a lot of foot traffic, it’s hard to keep floors clean for long. Shoes can can so many nasty and toxic substances and carry them into every room in your home. Sturdy doormats can help scrub away the worst offenders. If you make your home a shoe-free zone, that’s an even better way to deal with the problem.

There are a number of other cleaning tips that are both eco-friendly and you-friendly. You can also use less antibacterial cleaners or none at all. Warm water and soap often work just as well. There is an abundance of eco-friendly information out there if you want to learn and do more.

Whether you want to live off the grid or simply want to change a few things in your life, there are green ideas to help you. The key to green cleaning is to know what substances are coming into your home. It’s easy to start being better to yourself, your home and the environment.

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Some Design Ideas for Decks

Are you looking to invest in a fresh railing design for your deck? Or do you want to add extensions, and fix up the worn-out portions of an existing one? Whether you want a quiet time outside with friends or family, or plan to throw a small party, decks are a great home investment. With a wide choice of enhancement options such as steps, railings, and benches, you can have a lot of fun styling it.

There are so many ways in which you can enhance how a deck looks. Whatever the shape or size you can choose design elements that coordinate and ehnance the appeal of the space. Play around with bench designs to make the most of the space you have. If you have a square space, you can go for L-shaped benches. On the other hand, if you have a long deck that overlooks a large garden or lawn, you can break up the length with a series of short benches.

Appropriate lighting makes a great difference to the way decks look. Your choice of lighting can help to create a party atmosphere, or set the mood for quiet intimacy. When you set up the lights to illuminate the railings, you have everything you need to enjoy the evening. Iron railings offer a classy design element for a deck. Breaking away from the conventional vertical railing styles, you can go for a sunburst design. The sunburst railing pattern is a great way to enhance the look of long decks.

Ask a company that provides home improvement services about design options. Planters and pergolas are commonly used to play with space when it comes to decks. Well-designed pergolas can offer a great setting to host parties. Trail some flowering vines along the pergola, and add that touch of green to your decks. These small modifications can go a long way in enhancing the look of the space.

When you choose the materials for decks, make sure they can last wear and tear. The best materials for decks can withstand bad weather conditions. If you are wondering how much services for decks can cost, try companies that offer free estimates. Many companies come up with service estimates, based on the area to remodel, or  the fresh elements to add to an existing deck.

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