Indian Handicraft for Home Decor Ideas

Indian artisans bring versatile items to enhance beauty of your home and workplaces. You can get a variety of home decor ideas within the world of Indian handicrafts. They are skilled in producing a vast range of home decor accessories such as paintings,  candle holders, chandeliers, clocks, collectible figurines, decorative screens, jewelry boxes, flower vases, lamp shades etc. These items are made from a variety of materials with impressive designs and exotic colors. Here, we have discussed, few unique decorative items produced by Indian craftsmen.

Madhubani painting

Madhubani painting is a kind of Indian painting predominantly practiced in the Mithila region of Bihar state, India and some adjoining parts of Terai in Nepal. The speciality of this art is that it is performed with fingers, twigs, brushes, nib-pens, and matchsticks, natural dyes and pigments, and features attractive geometrical patterns. Indian Madhubani painters are popular for creating paintings for different festivals and occasions such as birth, marriage, holi, surya shasti, kali puja, and durga puja. If you are looking for attractive artifacts for your home, hang these paintings on your wall and they will not only depict your tradition and culture but will also leave all spellbound with their beauty.

Wind Chimes

Available in a huge variety of styles, designs and patterns, wind chimes are an eclectic addition to any home. Whether you want to complement them with your patio or exterior of your home, or even to enhance beauty of your interior, wind chimes are perfect choice. Many associate them not only as artifact but also to source to bring peace of mind in surroundings with their melodious sound effect. Indian artisans are skilled in experimenting with different materials such as wood, brass, bamboo etc. for creating a vast range of wind chimes.

Decorative picture frames

If you want to save your memories in beautiful picture frames, the world of Indian Handicrafts can provide you an extensive choice in terms of materials, styles, prices and sizes. Indian artisans are known for experimenting with many different materials such as wood, bamboo, marble, metals in creating a variety of decorative picture frames.

From wall hangings to photo frames and from Madhubani painting to wind chimes, if you have made up your mind to decorate your home with unique Indian handicraft items, choice is endless.

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Home improvement ideas in Dorset

Fronting the English Channel is South West England’s historic, maritime and beautiful county, Dorset. The award-winning Heritage Coast, a long stretch of pebbled beach, special marine nature reserves and the finest of sandy beaches found in the British Isles, make this place a coastal heaven. The Poole Harbour of Dorset is one of the largest natural harbours in the world and Abbotsbury Swannery is an internationally acclaimed photographers’ paradise. The lush countryside lies behind the spectacular coastline with a proud heritage, history, culture and unspoilt natural beauty. There are over 150 charming villages in the rural backdrop that contain sandstone cottages, stately homes, historic houses of 15th century, abbeys and churches of impressive architectural splendour.

If you own a home in Dorset and looking to improve it, either by retaining the traditional style or conforming to the architecture of the ancient landscape, you can give your house a warm country look. Traditional entrance doors in Dorset can make your home more West Country-friendly. Doors and windows are primary components of a house that can alter the style, design and look of the entire house. If you think a conventional door that is made of sturdy wood is not affordable, yet you prefer doors in Dorset style; composite doors are an amazing makeover. These can look like the real wooden and traditional doors with all the elegance to suit your home. They are made of durable and strong material ideal for external doors and they have low maintenance. They do not peel, crack or age like the traditional wooden doors or are prone to termites and other insects.

You can choose a design that complements your home and the area you live, out of the many stylish colours and various designs. No matter the age of your home and the architectural style, composite doors can easily be made into great traditional doors. These have improved security with recommended standards and secure your home better. Composite doors are also thermally efficient, locking in the heat perfectly. You can choose different glazing options and customise the door style to complement the décor and the architecture. Improving your home with agreeable traditional doors in Dorset for a better and enhanced look is easy and cost effective with composite doors.

Have all your doors in Dorset tailor made and installed by Luminatra and find a range of conservatories in Devon to extend your home in the West Country for a more stylish and elegant look.

Home Renovations Planning Ideas

As it’s the start of the year, most people are looking for fresh starts and where could be a better place to begin than with home renovations. Whether you are simply looking for a small remodelling job or maybe a total overhaul of your house, this article will provide you with ideas and inspiration to get you started.

The kitchen is one of the most favourite rooms to renovate and there are many reasons for this, including outdated cupboards and appliances to a change of living circumstances for example a family with older children may want to renovate the kitchen area into a place of entertainment.

Examples include knocking down an internal wall for example a dining room situated beside the kitchen so as to make one big kitchen area. This really opens up the space and allows you to entertain while cooking, making it an ideal room for big homely family gatherings. If your budget allows you could bring an experienced professional on board such as an interior designer who will help you to plan your space in an optimal and aesthetic way.

Another very popular choice among people in terms of home renovations, is converting a spare room into an office space or a nursery for a new baby.

This is particularly common among new couples who have begun to start a family and want a practical space to look after their new arrival. Converting a room into a nursery needn’t be as daunting as one would expect and will actually reduce your stress levels when the new arrival is welcomed home.

It also mentally prepares you for the change before the pitter-patter of little feet can be heard about the place. Once you have created the space, you are already making room for the little one in your life so that by the time he or she arrives it will be like he or she has always belonged there.

Whatever renovations you are planning to do, it is always wise to consult with a qualified professional first, who can give you an ideal time scale, offer budgetary decisions and also make the home improvements as safe and smooth as possible.

Everyone likes to dabble in a bit of DIY but for such a big job as a home renovation, it makes sound sense to bring the experts on board, which in the long run will actually save you time and money especially when you want to get the job done right first time!




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Experience DIY Home Improvemnt ideas

There is no limit to your creativity, and when it comes to home improvement you do all that is needed to make your home the most beautiful place on earth. Though it certainly helps to have a large budget, home improvements can alter the over all look and feel of your home by spending the little amount of money you have got. You need not incur much expenses in home improvement project, if you decide to do it DIY.

The project may consist of huge changes ranging from re-carpeting your home, adding in some new landscaping to re-creating a room by renovating it completely.It may also include bringing small changes in your home, like buying new bedside lamp shades or cleaning your garage, or painting the exteriors of your home.Improvements of all kinds lead to the augmentation of the overall ROI of your home in the years to come. You can always avail the affordable services of a handyman  to accomplish these tasks, but self-reliance will give you more sattisfaction as compared to the work done by a hired professional.

Having a plan in place before starting your home improvement projects is very important. So plan ahead before you embark on the long and tiring journey of home improvement. Browse through the Internet where you can get a lot of home improvement ideas suitable as per your budget. You can do following things on your own for making your current home seem new.

Replace anything which is outdated and broken
Changing accessories in each room will freshen it up. A beautiful lamp shade or a bright pillow or flower-vase can make a lot of difference to your room.

Get a fresh coat of paint inside out
Remove all the switch plates and outlet covers to avoid paint splatters on them. To strip the wallpaper off the walls completely for a smooth finish.

Re-carpet your home
 Tiles and hardwood floors are good options as far as the inner areas of your home are concerned. But living area must be carpeted, as your home can only give that snuggly feel with carpeting. Replacing your old carpet with a new one can have a huge impact on the look of a room.

Energy saving improvements
You can avail tax allowances as a home owner for energy saving improvements. Not only will the value of your property will increase, but you will also be saving yourself on unneeded tax liability.

Wall papers make your room warm and cozy and even make it look bigger. Install blinds for blocking the light from entering the room. It helps in reducing eye strain and head ache.

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Top 5 Home Improvement Ideas

Home improvement is one of the great ways to increase the value of your house. It is one of the most useful decisions of your life. It will enhance the appearance of your house while saving you a lot of money.  If you are planning to start with a home improvement project, the following article gives you five of the most innovative ideas that you may undertake to get most out of your home improvement project.

Going Green is the latest trend: Getting conscious for the environment is not only the latest trend but is the need of the hour also. You can give your contribution in saving our environment by doing little things such as installing solar panels or using energy efficient appliances. It will cut down your electricity bill drastically. These environmentally friendly installations come with an added advantage of being tax friendly. So you save some more money.
 Put a Programmable thermostat to work: A programmable thermostat can monitor the temperature of your room and regulate working of the air conditioners and the heater. It works by switching on and off the air conditioner or the heater to obtain the required temperature. A programmable thermostat is one of the best things to invest in and you can recover your investment in a very short span of time by reducing your energy consumption.
Re-insulating of the home: You can save a lot of money by getting your home re-insulated. Get your house checked for any air leaks as they hamper the working of air conditioners and heaters. A new insulation will not let the hot or cold air from the home to draft away from the house.
Enliven your living room: Living area of home is the place that should get the maximum attention during a home improvement project. Get a brand new color for the living room walls or try wallpapers in bold patterns. Buy some new and cozy cushions for yourself and invest in trendy curtains. Dazzle up your living room with some great illumination. Scan magazines and get hold of the latest trends.
Patio matters: Patio or a sun deck will instantly bring a glamour touch to your home. A patio in the backyard can be used to chill out with friends or to spend a lazy afternoon or maybe count the midnight stars when you are not feeling sleepy. A patio serves as a perfect relaxation spot in your home. Even though, patio is an expensive option and requires a large floor area, it is cheaper than adding a new room to the house.


Home improvement usually offers good returns on your investment. Be careful about what you choose for your home improvement project. Hire a professional to get the quality services and expert advice and the best out of this work. There are several home improvement companies that can take care of all your home improvement needs.

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Home Gift Ideas for Her

Presents for the home usually make good gift ideas for her, even if she’s not particularly a homebody. However, it is important to find the right balance between gifts that are fun, attractive and practical and not something that she’ll feel is simply just an everyday item for the home. Our home gifts definitely fall into the former group and are suitable for any female that you know. Specific gifts for mothers include the fun personalised apron and oven gloves (sold separately). Brightly coloured and featuring the words ‘I Heart My Mum’ you can also add two lines of text to these items so she’ll think of you every time she uses them. If you prefer a simpler design or want something similar for another member of the family or friend, we also hold the ‘Queen of the Kitchen’ Personalised Apron which can have a name added to it to make a fun yet thoughtful gift for her.

Photo frames make lovely gifts for the home, particularly when offered with her favourite photos ready in place. These make especially thoughtful gifts for mothers, who love to display images of their children around the home, no matter what their age. The Mum Photo Frame displays three photos behind the word ‘Mum’ surrounded by a white mount in an oak finish frame. We have the same frame available with other words to house the photos, such as ‘Family’, ‘Grandkids’, ‘40th’ and ‘Wedding’. A nice alternative to a photo frame is a Personalised Matte Canvas, which gives your photos a professional feel. Our canvasses are available in different sizes and styles so think carefully about how much room the recipient has to display it before you buy.

For hardworking women, we have several relaxing gift ideas for her. The Spa Hot Rocks Gift Pack helps to ease stress and tension through its hot and cold treatment. This is a perfect romantic gifts for her if you are looking for a present for your wife or girlfriend, but can equally make an ideal present for anyone who suffers with muscle pain, as the stones can be used along arms and legs as well as the back.

If it is your sister or friend that you’re present shopping for, check out our fun and funky Silicone Fruity Ice Wand. Perfect for any party girl to go with her cocktails, this ice cube tray can make up to four ice swizzle sticks which can double up as drink stirrers. We also have plenty of compatible personalised cocktail glasses that would be great gifts for sisters to go with this item.

Other fun gifts for sisters include the Pink Chair Jewellery Box. This armchair shaped jewellery box will fit in with any girly room as a decorative item, but also lifts up to hold jewellery and even has a mirror inside too. Another great item we’re sure she’ll love is the Shopper Money Box. Featuring a metal shopaholic figurine laden down with shopping bags, she wears a sign around her neck proclaiming ‘Shopping makes me poor!’.

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Basic Home Improvement Ideas

Planning to sell off your house in the near future? Or, pehaps you are looking for a way to transform the way it looks. A home improvement project can be a great way to enhance the appeal of your home. It can also add a lot in terms of resale value and be an investment worth making. Whatever the modification, be it reroofing or adding extensions to decks, home improvement projects can increase the real estate valuation of the house.

Find a quality home improvement company and ask their advice on how to improve the look of your house. Done in an appropriate manner, home improvement can totally turn around the way a house looks. It works in the long run, and not only adds to the design, but also helps a house last longer. Whether you want to add to the curb appeal, or enhance the backyard with a pergola, home improvement makes sense. You can explore options such as decks for the backyard, get a patio constructed, add sidings, or have your windows replaced.

Reliable companies offer a wide choice of materials for projects you want to get done in your home. Browse websites of local home improvement companies. You would find a wide choice of patterns in bathroom, kitchen, or deck materials on display on the sites. Choose materials that last long, and are low on maintenance. For example, laminate or vinyl lino are good options if you are planning to redo your bathroom floor.

A home improvement project can vary widely in terms of budget and scale. From minor modifications such as adding mirrrors or paintings to enhance the look of a bathroom, to functional improvements such as adding sidings, home improvement projects add value. Many companies offer their estimates free of cost. Consult a local home improvement company and they can provide estimates after measuring the area to be improved.

Many companies offer services for anything to do with residences, from the porch, to the deck area, to the bathroom, to the windows. They also provide much-needed repair services for essentials such as garage doors. If you want to remodel a kitchen or bathroom, choose a quality home improvement company. They can offer you guidance with materials that last for years. Choose according to your budget, and invest in a home improvement project that works.

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